Testimonials from Shilpa’s Clients

Dear Shilpa,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our coaching session. The changes in my life have been instantaneous. Since then my previous concerns are now irrelevant.  I do not think even about them anymore.

Our session was mind-blowing. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. After I was so exhausted I fell asleep for 4 hours, ate, and then slept the whole night. It’s like my body, mind, and soul was healing itself.
I woke up in the morning feeling energetic and liberated from my emotional issues.

Miraculous things have been happening since then. My work life has revived after months and years of stagnation. The day after our session, my tenant suddenly cleared rent arrears (I have been chasing them for months). As a result, I have been able to pay pending debts. I also had a stagnated business deal come to life after a business prospect called me out of the blue.

As a result of our session, I feel integrated and whole – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am energetic, peaceful, and joyful. I am no longer hurting and I am able to focus fully on my work, hobbies, and self love.

I am so thankful Shilpa for the impact that you have had in my life. Words cannot express my gratitude. You are truly gifted in what you do. I truly believe that God has given you a gift to help people. May you continue to grow, shine and do God’s work.”

Beatrice Nungari

My experience with Shilpa was truly magical.

Beliefs and negative emotions that I carried around deep down and didn’t yet shift even with all the work I did before shifted with Shilpa in one session.

I felt so much clearer, much more connected to myself and most of all able to move forward easily.

Shilpa is so intuitive, spot on with what there is to do and instantly grasps exactly what I mean.

I feel so safe and understood and cared for with her.

I truly whole heartedly recommend working with her. She is a treasure. Very grateful”

Tatjana Walton (Empowerment & Relationship Coach, NLP Trainer)

“Shilpa is not only a coach, but someone I can now call a friend. She’s a fantastic listener, great encourager, and allows you the space and time to explore the path that is right for you. She’s vulnerable and open, which builds incredible rapport with her clients. She knows when to prod and when to let things be. I’m extremely grateful for the work she does in the coaching field and the gifts she shares with others. Thank you, Shilpa, you are a blessing!”

Anne Stoehr, COO, Open Capital Advisors

“Shilpa should be called “Shaper”I am grateful that she helped me SHAPE my vision, my ambition and my perception of the game am willing to play”

Caroline Nderitu, Public Speaking Coach

“Working with Shilpa was empowering and transformative. I engaged Shilpa at a time when I was having a hard time both in my work life- spending too much time complaining about work and bringing these issues home. Finding the right balance and learning to become patient with myself and those around me was of utmost importance especially since I had just learnt I was going to be a mother. Her coaching, guidance and constant support enabled me to have my breakthrough sooner than expected. Since then I find myself more capable of handling challenges and assessing the importance of the situation before flaring up and assuming the worst. I have learnt to remain calm and patient with myself and those around me, thanks to Shilpa!”

Ashiqa Dadani, Director at Portcross Ltd

“I recommend NLP with Shilpa Shah to entrepreneurs/ business leaders and those aiming to attain their absolute potentials. Shilpa is a very qualified coach. As a client you owe yourself the best! I highly recommend Shilpa.”

Ritesh Barot, Director at Barco Investments Ltd

Shilpa is a remarkable facilitator and I have had the pleasure of attending multiple trainings that Shilpa has lead. In particular, her NLP training was absolute, enlightening and comprehensive and she is an engaging and remarkable story-teller. I highly recommend her trainings and coaching services.

Jennifer Gray, Destination Consultant and Life Coach

“Hi Shilpa wanted to let you know whatever you did with my procrastination was incredible. In the past whenever I could do something now, anything small even, I pushed it out for later… Now even if I want to procrastinate it doesn’t happen because I have this need to just get it done immediately so that it’s done.”

Aleema Noormohamed, Facilitator, Coach & Entrepreneur at Women Who Hike


“I did not know what to expect but the outcome was brilliant! I started taking sessions via SKYPE. From day one, her friendliness, comforting voice and positivity put an impression on me and my journey began.

Shilpa coached me on both my emotional and career life. Her sessions are adaptive, communicative and self-engaging. The exercises incorporated are fun and motivating. She helped me tackle my worries, fears and self-doubts and I am now on my way to pursue my dream slowly but with more focus.

Not only is she a gifted coach, but she is a wonderful person whose positivity has reflected on me and I’m sure on many others. So a big thank you for all your support and for helping me get back on track again to rediscover my inner strength!”

Huda Maktari, Sales & Marketing at Springer Nature, London


“Who has had the biggest impact in my life this year? Her name is Shilpa Shah and she is my success coach. 

Shilpa helps people to overcome their limiting beliefs and move into action. When I started working with her, I had no clue about the internal challenges that were actually holding me back from achieving some of my most desired goals.

 I gained so much confidence within a few sessions that I was able to achieve some seemingly impossible personal and business goals, including finally completing my book. If you want to create balance in your life – try coaching with Shilpa!”

Caroline Gikonyo, Life & Business Coach at New Dawn Solutions

“Thanking you for the wonderful opportunity to realize our untapped potential that benefits not only us but one that extends to the whole M.L.C family and our own personal relationships.”

Mrs Alimohammed, Headmistress at Montessori Learning Centre


sunset 4 girls jump.png

“Not only is she a gifted coach, but she is a wonderful person whose positivity has reflected on me and I’m sure on many others. So a big thank you for all your support and for helping me get back on track again to rediscover my inner strength!”

Huda Maktari, Sales Support Executive and ESL Instructor

“The rewards are remarkable. Despite my lifelong fear of public speaking, I was able to get up and speak in front of an audience after I was trained in NLP.”

Faiza Abdalla, Business Owner & NLP Life Coach

“Before taking the sessions, I was a bit overwhelmed by everything I had to in my professional and private life. But after the sessions, I was able to see each step to take, and realized I don’t have to do everything once. I can just take one at a time, no rush. Things will come and be shown to me once I reach a certain stage. All I need to do is to take one step at a time. I have used Shilpa’s methods in my leadership position at work as they are quite useful and relevant to professional work.”

Makiko Sugishita (Kinoshita)
Chief Advisor, CHS Project
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


“I had several sessions with Shilpa …..I made tremendous progress in my personal growth. I found Shilpa to be a very patient coach and I felt that I was being listened to and heard ….
The effect on my life has been amazing. I feel that I’ve cleared some long standing issues and am very excited about this new chapter in my life!”

Karen Tibbo, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Oxford Policy Management

“Shilpa Shah has delivered several trainings and coaching programmes for the Embassy of Sweden. We have been very happy with the quality of service received.”

Louise Hallgren, Personnel Officer, Embassy of Sweden

“To Shilpa, A big thank you, that was a 360 degrees turning point beyond chance to a resolved and determined attitude. It was a truly transforming experience. I feel excited about everyone around me and empowered to put my mind to anything.”

Susan M, Manager, NGO

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