“Breakthrough” Life Coaching


Do you move forward with confidence, focus and motivation?

Are you stuck or confused about your direction?

Are you wanting to perform better, feel happier or to create something more meaningful in your life?

Most of my clients invest in a 30 day or 90 day breakthrough life coaching program:

  • we will uncover your biggest INNER limiting patterns that are “creating” all your current challenges
  • you will connect with your inner wisdom, strength, knowing, intuition and blueprint for the ideal and best version of yourself and your life
  • you will gain absolute clarity of what you want and what is now important for you
  • you will FEEL motivation and focus to achieve these
  • you will overcoming emotional and mental limitations
  • you will gain success and confidence in your chosen goals
  • you will gain insights and self-awareness, and a guaranteed breakthrough

I will work WITH you until you have broken through your biggest limiting patterns and to create and implement a successful vision that matches your true blueprint.

I have worked with hundreds of people and have over 25 years of experience – however I only take  a few clients at any one time. I promise to kick your butt with love and reveal to you the knowledge and awareness of a highly experienced and successful coach.

I work with clients worldwide online and in person.

My clients say.. about my coaching

First 20 minute Discovery call is free of charge. After that you can book a 1.5 hour discovery session

Call: +254 722 756606
Email: nlpwithshilpa@gmail.com

See what others have said about their experience with me:

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FAQ about Coaching and NLP

Call: +254 722 756606
Email: nlpwithshilpa@gmail.com



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