Get to know Shilpa and her work here..

Shilpa Shah is a Life Coach, Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and transfomational workshop facilitator. She trains and certifies professional coaches.

She has 24 years’ experience and her passion is to empower leaders to gain self-mastery and to overcome their challenges.

She believes that once a leader is empowered they can impact their own teams and communities with ease and effectiveness.

She loves the tools of NLP, coaching and applies these to enhance leadership, communication and self-mastery.​ ​Shilpa loves to coach one to one worldwide online and in person she has facilitated countless transformational workshops and trainings in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.​

She offers online personal coaching, facilitation of workshops and NLP, Coach, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy TM certification programs.


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Women empowering Women is my latest passion and focus… click on the blue link below..

How can women empower others as NLP Life Coaches?

Here’s a recent interview:

Interview of Shilpa Shah, NLP Life Coach by Caroline Gikonyo

“I Know There is a Way…”: An Interview With Shilpa Shah (NLP Life Coach and Trainer)

interview by Kwei Akuete of Konectnow

here’s a team workshop I ran for my daughters school teachers

This was a team workshop for CISP Somaila Team…. Dr Knot activity “Gifts of 13 and Goals for 14” workshop

Training of Trainers

and here are some blogs I have written about meetings, weight loss etc

What is “Emotional Fitness”?

Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Are we stupid? Why don’t we learn things in one go?

101 Artist’s Date Ideas.

How I lost that Baby Weight!

“Happy Kids, Happy Me!” Mini Workshop – for parents, teachers, grandparents etc

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