Get to know Shilpa and her work here..

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Women empowering Women is my latest passion and focus… click on the blue link below..

How can women empower others as NLP Life Coaches?

Here’s a recent interview:

Interview of Shilpa Shah, NLP Life Coach by Caroline Gikonyo

interview by Kwei Akuete of Konectnow



here’s a team workshop I ran for my daughters school teachers

This was a team workshop for CISP Somaila Team…. Dr Knot activity “Gifts of 13 and Goals for 14” workshop

Training of Trainers

and here are some blogs I have written about meetings, weight loss etc

What is “Emotional Fitness”?

Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Are we stupid? Why don’t we learn things in one go?

101 Artist’s Date Ideas.

How I lost that Baby Weight!

“Happy Kids, Happy Me!” Mini Workshop – for parents, teachers, grandparents etc


One thought on “Get to know Shilpa and her work here..

    insideoutconsultancy responded:
    November 17, 2014 at 5:30 am

    See recent posts in the right hand column for our recent workshops photos and articles…

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