Story of the fisherman – my thoughts on growth vs comfort

I love this story. We get into a rat race and forget that all we ever wanted to have the life we have or had previously. The simple life, before we complicated it. However this is actually part of our evolution because we also need to go beyond the comfort zone, to strive and achieveContinue reading “Story of the fisherman – my thoughts on growth vs comfort”

How do I harvest the year that just flew past and create that elusive”happy” new year?

Dear Friends, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all! And I know this is EASIER said than done – the “happy” part!!! A week ago I realised the year had raced past. December already?? what? how? I was a little under the weather and felt I couldn’t digest it all. Within just overContinue reading “How do I harvest the year that just flew past and create that elusive”happy” new year?”

Meetings, Bloody Meetings

We all hate long meetings! Who doesn’t? Long conversations that seem to go round in circles with no end. Some think in order to get things done, they need to be long. I have a different opinion on this very important matter. As a meeting facilitator, I believe I have a solution for you professionals,Continue reading “Meetings, Bloody Meetings”

How I lost that Baby Weight!

Like many women, I struggled with my weight soon after I had had my daughter and turned forty. In addition to being a snacker and foodie, the weight just crept on. I knew I was losing control and wanted to get it back. I know that I am not alone in this battle. Man orContinue reading “How I lost that Baby Weight!”

What is “Emotional Fitness”?

Emotional fitness is a state of mind where you are able to maintain a stream of positive thoughts and thus be able to focus on creative and constructive tasks. It is recommended that one maintain their emotional fitness as it is the key to all aspects of our lives. So how do you do harnessContinue reading “What is “Emotional Fitness”?”