Are you feeling stuck in career or relationships?

Life, Career & Relationships are all about what YOU make of it and Coaching, Mentoring, Learning NLP, Time Line Therapy TM etc gives you the tools to restore your faith in yourself, and tell a new story as you move forward.

Do you want to have an experienced long term coach/mentor/trainer who has “been there”, can support you on your journey AND train you in all the tools she knows can get you skyrocketing results?

Having a coach /mentor AND learning handpicked tools gives you more independence and confidence to resolve your own challenges and enables you to LEAD others on your life .. in business, education, therapy, parenting or managing others.

This is a RARE combination of intensive personal growth with a coach who will ensure you take actions in life as well as equipping yourself with AMAZING tools for transformation and healing .. well, it’s the bomb! 😊👑

For ONLY 9 women at any one time Shilpas one-to-one program enables you to

👑 discover your inner blocks,
👑 detox your mind and heart,
👑 heal your past,
👑 clarify your vision in career, relationship, health, finance and or personal life AS WELL AS
👑 learn life skills for emotional wellness and for
👑 create successful relationships
👑 work & live authentically and in a way that is TRUE to yourself
👑sustain yourself long term
👑 communicate excellently and with confidence

Apart from the coaching program, here is a list of possible topics I will teach you:

  1. NLP, Time Line Therapy TM, Coaching Essentials and much more
  2. Defining your version of SUCCESS in career, relationships and prosperity.
  3. Self-motivation and laser focus
  4. Communication excellence & influencing others (yes, even the difficult ones!)
  5. Dynamics of change, learning, transformation and Getting in charge of your responses.
  6. Goalsetting and how to take bold actions.
  7. Self-compassion, healing your heart, letting go & healing.
  8. Resolving past pain/trauma
  9. Decisiveness, assertiveness & alignment
  10. Self Coaching to discover your own blocks and to overcome them
  11. Self hypnosis & relaxation techniques
  12. “Inner wisdom” How to listen, trust & follow mySelf

You can contact me for more info on 0722 756606

Follow me on Instagram @nlpwithshilpa


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check out http://www.facebook/insideoutconsultancy

Call Shilpa on +254 (0)722 756606 for more info!

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One thought on “Are you feeling stuck in career or relationships?

  1. Dear Shilpa,

    My friend Ines Chabbi recommended that I contact you.
    I am planning to be in Kenya in the first week of December.
    Would you be so kind and give me your price list?
    I am very interested in your hypnosis treatment.

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