About Inside Out Consultancy






We can deliver any of these workshops for you – you can choose the standard ones or have it tailored!

NLP Diploma – Advanced Communication Skills & Empowerment Coaching 

NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner Training

Training of Trainers/Facilitators/Coaches

  • Coaching & Mentoring for Managers
  • Life Coach/ABNLP Coach Training & Certification Program
  • Training of Trainers – How to run a participatory, interesting and interactive workshop using the Adult Learning Methodology

Teambuilding Skills

  • Teambuilding – Learn about team dynamics and get your team to become focussed and motivated towards their goals. Bond, have fun and make meaningful changes.
  • Change Management – Make the most of change, accept what has happened, appreciate what you have and get excited about the future
  • Resolving Conflict – Did you know conflict is useful and necessary for a team to reach it’s potential? Learn how to find the gifts hiding within it..
  • Culture Transformation – Work on your vision, mission and get your organisation’s values into your team members hearts

holding hands CISPManagement Skills

  • Leadership – Know what’s needed to be a strong leader, embrace your individual style, work on your weaknesses. Learn to influence & inspire positively
  • Leading Difficult Teams – Managing others can be tough. Learn to facilitate a team’s self-improvement and help team members get onto the same “page”
  • Coaching & Mentoring for Managers – This is the most empowering and cutting edge style of managment. Learn to be a guide on the side, not a “solver of all problems”
  • Managing meetings – Learn techniques to facilitate dynamic, time saving meetings where everyone shared openly and quickly and real decisions get made.
  • Time Management – Learn to prioritise your tasks, to manage your own attitude to time and to get rid of timewasters for good! Get a work life balance because life is too short!

Oral Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills – Grab your audience’s attention, speak calmly and confidently in front of a group, learn how to structure an effective presentation and use the words that work!
  • Customer Excellence – Create customer delight through your behaviour, words and attitude!
  • Selling Skills – Learn to ask the right questions to your customer to find out exactly what they want, and then sell in a way that they will buy, buy, buy!

Call Shilpa on +254 (0)722 756606 if you want to run one of these trainings for your team!IMG_5238


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